Sunday, November 29, 2009

Forgetting to be Thankful

This disconnect that I was feeling was unexpected, but I didn't mean to seem like I was ungrateful for being home. Maybe being home released negative feelings that I've had this passed year when I felt so aimless. And maybe I was disappointed when things didn't work out perfectly

Moreover I probably needed MORE time to catchup AND reconnect... and the short moments that I spent felt insufficient.

But these are the moments this weekend that I cherish and I hope that when I come home during Christmas I can appreciate the time I can spend with my Bay Area family.

-Hanging with my cousins
-Going to Applebees with Anhimals as a tradition
-Having Boba with XCIX
-Eating Pho with high school friends
-"Helping" Alysia bake cookies
-Playing with Aaron's nephew
-Catching up with Neil
-Seaing Sean Paul drunk at Brickx
-Calling/Chatting up with folks because we couldn't meet up

Top Two:
-Having Alysia's Mom, Aaron's Mom and my Grandpa's helper comment that my face was rounder
-Watching my Mom pig out at La Vics.

Thanks for everyone who reached out to see me. :] Happy Thanksgiving! Now get back to work!

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