Saturday, October 24, 2009

Thinking about Art

I'm looking to buy art for my room, but I've found it difficult. Rarely do I find something that I really love and since art is generally expensive.. that that much more picky.

In Pasadena, there was an art fair with more affordable art by students!
Alysia and Sandy bought some greeting cards that were letter pressed.

Though, it was cheaper art, I still couldn't find anything that I liked. I also feel like the art would have more value if I did it myself. Oh I wish I knew how to paint.

On Vermont street and other places in my hood, there are other works of urban art for sale for an arm and a leg:

Such amazing displays of talent scattered across the city.


Dru said...

There are a lot of art galleries in San Fran and LA.. Check out Gallery 1988 and Nucleus. They have extremely beautiful art work and it's on the high end ;3

John said...

hey dude, just stumbled upon your blog and thought this might interest you. it's an online art gallery that artists use to sell art. it's got some real nice stuff and even affordable stuff. check it out. also, if you're interested in seeing art in person, we host art gatherings called soiree, all in the SF bay area too. check it out. hope this helps.

if you want to contact me, e-mail me at