Wednesday, October 7, 2009

September Moment 30 - Hip Cooks

There's this place in LA called Hip Cooks that teaches you how to host parties, make drinks and serve food.

I went with my coworkers to learn some things about the kitchen, but what really happened was I drank too much, again. JK. I was good, but I definitely was loosened up.

They taught us how to pan fry nuts and season them with brown sugar. They show us how to make a crab dip, a bacon wrapped date (which I already knew how to do from my cousin!) and three drinks. Those drinks included the classic martini, mojito, something with cayenne pepper and a couple of other things.

My buzzed coworker went to get a knife to make the next hors d'oeuvres and the worker quickly intervened, "hii, can I help you find anything?" And grabbed the knife from her. I guess there's liability behind drinking and holding sharp objects.

This is me helping the demonstrator show how to make amaretto sour from freshly squeeze lemons and limes.

But it was the favorite of the night! Cheers! Oh and the aprons were complementary! FTW!


ayepen said...

i find it highly enjoyable that you update sooo often! unlike other bloggers who can't even blurp a couple of witty lines from time to time cause they're probably too lazy. i blame the recession. THANKS!
ps. being from orangecounty and viet myself it's awesome to see all the cool stuff you do in la! gotta find these places sometimes

dannie said...

you always find fun things to do, definitely living life