Sunday, October 4, 2009

September Moment 19 - Okonomiyaki

We drove 40 minutes to go to a DIY Okonomiyaki joint in Torrence area.
We failed. It looked better before we mixed up the batter and cooked it.

Cheese mochi-like entree was weird.

But the ones made in the kitchen were amazing:

All I did in September was EAT. O . M . G.
Sam and I want to plan an Okonomiyaki night, a Vietnamese night, and a hotpot sukiyaki night. FTW!


Ryan said...

ooo that sounds fun! lemme know if those happen.

JV said...

I made it at home! So yummy!

Luuworld said...

mmmm yum. love okonomiyaki!

dannie said...

i love good!