Friday, October 16, 2009

Honest Eating

I just had a wonderful dinner with the boy tonight... and I've realized that I'm dramatic.

He understood that our schedules didn't match and appreciated the moments we could spend together. He wasn't frustrated, he was understanding (unlike me). He was positive, cheery and sweet. I felt foolish for being so needy- after all, being casual is what I told him I wanted.

He took me to an Argentinian restaurant and we shared a delicious rib eye steak.

"How do you like it cooked?" he asked
"Medium Rare." I responded
"AH! And you said we weren't compatible!" He wasn't playing any game.. he was being funny and honest...
"Food is where we connect." I told him.

But food isn't enough to get me to think about us in a serious way. But... serious is what I wanted to avoid this whole time! I am ridiculous.


I asked him about his inability to make eye contact. He explained that he was raised to look away while talking to others because looking straight in the eye is confrontational. My social psychology class kicked in. "I've heard about this! But never have I witnessed someone with that sort of mindset!" I was more interested than offended as most Americans would take the avoidance of eye contact as reason for suspicion.

Initially I would move my body to where he was looking, but he didn't notice that I was being weird until I said, "why are you looking over there?"

Things that annoyed me about him cleared up... the reasons are simple, his motives are transparent and I guess his honesty in addition to his taste in food will keep me coming back. Plus I do enjoy his company- when I can reach him.

And his bad communication skills (e.g. phone off by 10, rarely picks up and doesn't chat) that I HATE with such a passion (which he explains is just a bad habit) will just allow me to allot time to others... ...

... ... ...


dannie said...

yay you two have something in common :]

Luuworld said...

drama queen! :)