Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Pinky isn't High Enough

After flying trapeze class, my work took me to BOA, this $$$$ steakhouse on the pier.

It was nice, romantic.. blah blah... it was good to be fancy for once, but as I discover before, I'm not a fancy guy. I don't like wine and overpriced food served to privileged people who don't have anything else to do with their money except spend it. They had lit up cotton candy and a deconstruct fancy pants s'more.. really? REALLY? My YELP review.

I'm lucky that I get these opportunities and I need to work on appreciating fine dining.

On the flip side, Sandy took me to this fantastic hole in the wall Indian place called, Indian Sweets and Spices. It was so dirty so cheap so flavorful... and so much substance. Unlike Boa that had the shimmer of lights and plastic to compensate for lack of cultural flavors. All they had to decorate with was graffiti and the blood of this people and instead of violins they had Indian music from Bollywood films.... I felt the colors and dancing.

It's just me, I wouldn't spend 100 on a seafood platter. I'd rather spend 10 dollars on Spinach rice and Yellow Curry... I can taste INDIA instead of tasting my Wallet.

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Vimesh said...

The Indian Food spread do look Sumptuous :) :)