Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A little Cray cray

I met a dude at an event. I was pretty plastered that I don't remember talking to him... or taking pictures with him.

He IMs me with a flood of compliments:
-Were you the center of attention at the art show, because you're a masterpiece
-How are you doing today my beautiful
-I'm not skinny and sexy like you
-You're so adorable

He ends the conversation with "xoxo."

I did some stalking, researching and found his blog: he is crazy religious- thanks god for his morning shit and obsessed with astrology. Saying, Oh.. I'm SUCH a Taurus.

Oh God. I thought I was crazy.


Maybe this guy is crazier:

Speaking of which, i think my skin is clearer. When I tell people I think it's getting better they just nod their head. Oh well... I can teach you geometry too!

Or Crazy like these ladies in the SF Muni:

I wonder if I would have gotten involved.


X said...

that guy would be really cute if he weren't an effing idiot

William said...

Crayola. And non-toxic, no less.

dannie said...

hahah crazy people are everywhere..good to hear your skin is doing better!! maybe LA is where you should be :]

Luuworld said...

this guy you met: so what if he's crazy religious?! he's clearly into you, so if he's hot, then shut him up- do some smoochin' and maybe more- and then move on! when life gives you lemons... ect ect

Make it Easy said...

omg that last video... so scary! hahah i dont know what i would have done if i saw that

CRAY CRAY! omg! my friends who moved up there to SF say that too! i was laughing so hard when she said it to me! haha