Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Let's Play Doctor


I've been having trouble with some of my bowel movements. I'm thinking, I'm fucking 24.. what's going on? But the issues that I've been having as of late were borderline scary.

Let's just say, I was recommended by numerous friends to go a doctor immediately. I went to one that was recommended to me by my coworkers.

Okay... I would just like to say that he was the hottest doctor in Beverly Hills. Seriously. Like out of a Soap Opera. And it just made getting checked up a lot easier... if yah Know what Im SAYin.

He was so nice and friendly and cute in a gay sort of way. I might just throw my body into a pile of nails just so that I could see him again. God, I was a retard, I was giggling so much, he was so hot... and he had to see my ingrown toe nails, my bad skin and my other personal areas. Blah.

Updates on my health: I need to go to a colon specialist so that they can stick a camera up there. I wonder what else they'll find. Tax Return Forms? Turtle? Paper clips? Who knows.

But until then, no spicy foods. And maybe I should stop eating things with mold on them. My "cut around" policy might not be full proof.


The End.

I just wanted to share.


thwany said...

good luck with all that.

Tofu said...

hasn't this been ongoing since college? hope you're doing okay

Dru said...

>.< OMG hope it's going to be okay >.<

Luuworld said...

oh dear. hope everything's fine up there. or should i say down least the doctor was hot :)

Rob said...

A colonoscopy at 24 .... ugh. I hope your issue is something easy to fix.