Saturday, October 10, 2009

Learning About the House I Live In

This morning I was awaken buy an older Latino man in a cowboy hat, "we are here to work on bathroom." His English was terrible, but his smile was charming even though he was missing most of his teeth.

The house that I'm currently living at is owned by a Latino family that grew up and moved out. He told me that the room that I was staying in used to be his and that he would get all of his furniture to the attic using a pulley system through my window. The same method that he's using to get the tub and sink for the bathroom upstairs.

His two daughters used to stay upstairs while his sons were downstairs and when they grew up and moved out he decided that this house was too big for his aged wife and himself.

I told him my name was Christopher and he responded, "My Grandson, is Chris! ... Uh 13 years old." Then he realized that he needed to help move wood in and left our conversation.

He told me how he loved this neighborhood because there were less people. I agreed with him that I loved it too. And he asked me if it was my car that caught on fire last night, but it was not. It was my roommates. I live in the hood. I love it.

So many of us young folks move in and out of these old house without knowing anything about the previous owners. I feel so lucky to hear some of his stories before I completely gentrify his home.

Out of the way, Jose! This place is mine NOW!!


Ryan said...

was the baby seat in your wall his? haha

Gauss Jordan said...

Fire? 'splain.

mich said...

yeah i think living in the hood is less fun when it's your car on fire.