Tuesday, October 20, 2009

LA Makes you Self Conscious, Superficial and Frustrated at Life

After 24 years of life, it's only until now that I realize that I need pants that fit right to show off my assets.

This entire time I've been stuck in the 90's wearing a lot of baggy clothing when I need to be more conscious of the fit over the price. I literally have 4 baggy jeans that I rotate and one nicely fitting corduroy that's ripping on the bottom. What made me realize this? My coworker who looks amazing in his pants trousers.

Also, when I went jean shopping, my coworker said, "those look great, it flatters your shape and your fans would like that." My "fans?" I guess in LA, someone is a fan of someone else, someone is envious.. copying being copied etc etc.

Now where do they sell trousers that fit my Asian American body?


I tried on my slutty slut slut Halloween costume last night and I realized that I need to go to the gym. Perfect! I can use my neglected 24 Hour fitness contracted membership.

To my HORROR I couldn't find parking and I forgot my wallet and couldn't pay for the garage.


Frustrated, I came home, ate string cheese and napped.

It's annoying because it's only 2 miles away and there are literally only 15 spots on the street that are usually taken. I decided to go home because I didn't want to get pulled because I was driving crazy looking for parking without my ID.

I HATE YOU LA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Crazy Jesus Lover strikes again:
"I miss hearing your voice. that sounds corny but its' true. I should have a tape recording of your voice and replay it over and over again."

Flattered or Freaked out... how should I feel?

Oh, I had impromptu laser on my skin last week in Beverly Hills.
What is LA turning me INTO!?!??!?!?


mich said...

freaked out.

matt said...

ship me up some rock and republics please, dont they always have sample sales down there? thanks! =]

Dru said...

Crazy Jesus Lover: Freaked out... or maybe he was just trying to find a reason to talk to you :3

Pants that fit one's body:
H&M, The jeans there are amazing, and try Forever XXI, they have good stuff sometimes.. :D

Vimesh said...

Baggy Trousers--- Christopher ,they are not 90"s but 80's fashion....they wold make u look old.....but if u like them .. :) :)

and about hurdles coming in the way of ur gym schedule...do not get frustrated .....i have done that and become an pudge

and about crazy Jesus lover.....did u go out with him for dinner... :)

cheer up .all these are like distraction...

dannie said...

levis fit great!

if you want to go more expensive gap has new selvage jeans. the skinny fit isn't tight and it'll last you a long time.

selvage you need to break them in for about 6 months before washing.

try zaras, sisley or united colours of benington also, their fits are great for asians..idk if LA has those stores =/

Alex C. said...

"I miss hearing your voice. that sounds corny but its' true. I should have a tape recording of your voice and replay it over and over again."

Not normal...


Tofu said...

yeah just make sure your skinnies aren't too tight, because that doesn't look good on everyone lol

Carl's Cup of Chai said...

it's only creeper if he's not hot or you're not interested

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