Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I Officially Have a Crazy

Got this in my inbox today from Crazy Aquarius.
I love attention, but really?

I know he reads this blog because it's easy to stalk me. So... if you're reading this. SLOW YOUR ROLL YOU CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Though, it's flattering.


Maybe I egg him on, because I call him. I like his laugh, he's funny and sweet... and suffocating and it's refreshing because I'm an attention whore, but ... I don't want to have a police case on my hands if I tell him I'm not interested in serious things right now.

Am I getting myself into some deep shit?


Multiple identities - It's hard to keep everything seperate.

I removed everything "letopho" from my facebook. Facebook is for the general public because it's linked to work and classmates and my "real-ish" name. Letopho has become a more private domain, though many folks have access to it.

I've decided that letopho will also be seperate from people I potentially date. I'm going to give out my work AIM when I chat with people I'm interested in so that I can blog about them using Letopho. But I shouldn't be so paranoid, not everyone is a master stalker like me... wait.. SHIT!


mich said...


Is that creepy?

Dru said...

Mich: HAHA.. that is creepy >.>

It's not called stalking, it's called researching :D

Vimesh said...

Researching i guess is to know more about u from ur bolgs which u have put out in public domain...but this is creepy if he thinks only about u all the time..IF he is not ur boyfriend...

if ur in a relationship then thats different...but this sounds bit jittery :)

Alex C. said...

Girl, he a stalker but you a stalker too! But you ain't crazy. LOL!


Tofu said...

it's good to hear you are separating your blog more from your other online identities. i just had a friend in tokyo who was laid off because of the content of his vlog, which was not nearly as revealing as some of the stuff you put up lol

and the card is creepy but sweet! haha.