Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween Testing 1, 2...

So what is Letopho going to be for Halloween?
You guessed it, a slutty Giraffe.

But it's only slutty because I'm not wearing pants... but rather giraffe print go go shorts.

The costume actually only works without pants. I got an opportunity to test the makeup yesterday and I didn't come out too bad. I plan on painting spots down my leg (so it's not so white) and down my chest some more so that I can have my shirt more open =X

Ernesto invited me to Barangay which is a gay Filipino club in LA and I got to test drive my costume. I got self conscious and kept on my pants, but people there were practically naked.

Could I parade around pantsless on Halloween? I was more chicken less giraffe than I thought.

OO, and these man ladies did this amazing rendition of "Nobody" by the Wondergirls. Fab.

Ernesto chilling in his costume.


We left the party early because it felt more like a general meeting. I didn't know anyone and there was no dancing. I got a call from Matt who was being creepy. Apparently he went up to my boys in San Francisco and told them he knew them through my blog. Then he called me to confirm and is supposed to send me a group picture of them.

Sigh, the boys were at Shangrila in San Francisco and I wish I was there so that they could judge my costume. I'd definitely take off my pants with their criticism... support.

Blah. I think I eat well in LA, but I party better in the Bay. *gasp*


By the way. I love Johneepixels7... even though he doesn't"reject the cultural perversion that's trying to change the sacred institution of god ordained traditional marriage."

My roommate went to a wedding, and the theme was the "importance of a god ordained traditional marriage." Heh heh, it's really funny.


moAny said...

yes, you know we would judge you. actually you would have ruined our groove last night. me, joe, and eric were all cute.... but no worries, even if you wore that, eric's costume could have hid you in his wings. =D

matt said...

when is matt NOT creepy, right?

letopho said...

Eric had wings?!?!

Dude.. where are the pictures? Without me, there are no memories.

Vimesh said...

you look like a giraffe in the dress :)

mich said...

hahahaha awesome costume. you're like a fierce slutty giraffe.

thwany said...

wow, that's some costume.

Damien said...

CHRISSS! We were supposed to wear the costomes together, remember? =( but now you're in LA. I'll be sporting my slutty cowboy costume on Saturday!

Damien said...

Oh yeah, how could I forget to comment on your costume. I like it! Yay.