Monday, October 12, 2009

Gays Everywhere

I just discovered a Gay Asian Media Planning community.
OMG... networking just got so much easier.

I confirmed this while talking to mr.flirtatous religious boy (after he rubbed my ego for a couple of minutes). Apparently, I kept asking for his business card, and when I got it, I burned it with a cigarette. WTF.

And the other business card that was ripped in my pant pocket belongs to another gay Asian boy in Media.

OUT of 200 people that night, I managed to find all the gay Asians.. I guess we can smell each other out. It's like Berkeley all over again, I gotta make friends with all the gay Asians.. gotta collect them all.


This Saturday I had dinner with Steve for his birthday. There were about 8 gay Koreans there. EIGHT! That's like all the gay Koreans in Korea before they were shipped to LA because there are no gays in Korea.

A couple of them looked almost as delicious as the Korean BBQ I was eating =X

And they all love Korea... wow. They basically had Korean flags tattooed on their arm. I've never seen so much national love.


Luuworld said...

haha. what are you going to do with all these gaysians once you've collected them?

Anonymous said...

LOL. Yummy Korean BBQ,

Gauss Jordan said...

Umm... maybe he'll have "pocket gaysians?" Google that... "She was like a gyrating pocket gaysian tranny on crack." - reading that blog now. :-P

dannie said...

you're ash ketchum!! you're so popular with the gay asians.

thwany said...

loving korea is 39% of being korean and gay.

Dru said...

lols... it's funny how you have to find all the gay Asians.. that's a little weird don't you think?! lols