Thursday, October 22, 2009

Flying Trapeze at Santa Monica Pier

This is what I did last night!!

The first time I did it, I was too tense that the guy had to stop me mid jump because my body positioning was wrong. Then when I was upside down my hips were too tense and you can see my ASS sticking out miles from my waist.

I did a backflip and then a catch, but didn't record them because I ran out of space.

...but here's a video of a random girl doing the stunts that I learned too!

It really helped that the dude catching me was an Armani Exchange model... swoon. I put chalk on my arms because my life depended on it!

The scariest part was jumping from the platform and climbing the ladder, but I'm ready to try out for Cirque Du Soleil!

More stories to come, lots of work to do before my company flip cup tournament tonight!

1 comment:

Vimesh said...

so did u catch up later with the armani model.. :)

i saw the you tube video it was great and u look thin...thin according to my views ....hahaha

have a great weekend