Saturday, October 31, 2009

Flip Cup Champions

Feels good to win!

My company had a flip cup tournament last week and my team won undefeated. We were strong and solid and took home the trophy. The first round most of the members were able to land the cup on the lid on the first try!! Unbelievable!

I think it helped that we practiced at the office with a small keg the day before!

At the end of the evening they were cleaning up and were about to throw away a dozen chicken wings. Well I had NONE of that, I asked the kitchen for a zip lock bag and took it home to my roommates!

It was good team bonding. Work is easier when you can really let loose with your coworkers. And I'm getting the hang of social, professional drinking. I love it. (Except when this girl came up to me and told me she met me at some event, and I couldn't remember. Oops.)

The theme of the night was also "smiling with your eyes." Or Smizing, as crazy Tyra Banks puts it.

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dannie said...

congrats on the win!! smizing. i like that term.