Monday, October 26, 2009

An Example of How Easy it is to Make Gay Friends

My gay friend from the bay has been complaining about not having gay friends... oh Booo Hoo.
How hard is it to make gay friends? All you need is one.. and then your network explodes.

Example, conversation with his one gay friend-

His friend: dude you should come down with us to West Hollywood
His friend: let's look at flights RIGHT NOW
My loser friend: uh...maybe?
His friend: get out your credit card. we're gonna book u your fllights, it'ls be FABULOUS

My theory.. you're gay best friends for two weeks, go traveling fuck around and then you become mere friends you see at clubs.. but that's okay because while you were with them... you made 10 more new gay best friends and you already have a trip to New York lined up.

...and repeat.

And with that formula, that's how all the gays know each other.


dannie said...

the fucking part doesn't always happen but possibly. i just gained a large amount of gay friends a few weeks ago and lost some.

Carl's Cup of Chai said...

and thus, is the story of how we met.