Sunday, October 18, 2009

Everyone Loves Apartment 321!!!

Now WHY does everyone LOVE Apartment 321?

People love apartment 321....

...because there's a balcony where you can sit and do your shit with the company of others while watching cars catch on fire and gangs eat homeless people in the street. Don't worry, we have a gate with a padlock!

...because uncle Sam will give you a great haircut with his non-training!

...because there are a whole bunch of pointless doors and rooms that lead to nowhere... which one leads to my rooom!!?!

...because if you ever run out of toilet paper, someone is available to help!

..because there are always home cooked meals!!

...because you can invite your boyfriend, your trick and your transgendered dog... EVERYONE IS WELCOME!

...because daddy Mike is handy and shops for the house

..because we have a grill in the backyard patio... extra man points if your hair products don't catch on fire!... everyone gets a turn!

...because the ghost who lives in the walls can't get through because Chris blocked the little ghost door with a bookshelf!.... but first, what does it look like inside?... hmm a murder scene.

... because the walls have character.

...because the low ceiling makes you feel like a GIANT!

So Sandy over here, while listening to her Indie rock (that hipster) jump-dances on her mattress (because she's staying with me for a while and you can see that her shit is everywhere) forgot that I have a low ceiling and hit her head on the light fixture, shattering the glass into a million pieces on her bed. I won't be surprised if she wakes up the next day with cuts from the glass... or from the ghost that lives in my walls.

Oh, so it rained in LA and as we anticipated, there was a leak in the attic bedrooms. I was lucky, Ernesto was not and had to put pots and pans around his bed.

I love it so much. (I'm not being sarcastic!)

COME VISIT APARTMENT 321!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


dannie said...

so much adventure in one apartment oh the joy of living

Gauss Jordan said...

I'm reminded of this failblog (mildly NSFW) for some reason.

Luuworld said...

house of fun! my kind of place. when can i come over? lol

Alex C. said...

Girl, props to you. I am not sure I could survive in Apartment 321.


William said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this post.