Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dating A.D.D.

Schedules Unmatched

The boy that I've been dating asked me what I liked about him because I have him mixed signals over the weekend.

He wanted to know what was right with the relationship instead of what's wrong. It was easier for me to come up with a list of things that I don't like about him... which is an indication that ... we aren't just incompatible, but in general, I'm just not that into him. like I thought I was.

The main thing I'm having trouble with is how difficult it is for me to reach him. With my schedule, it's hard for me to schedule dinners, but yesterday I was available and hoped he would be too.

After an awkward conversation with him after work we got frustrated with eachother, we got disconnected and neither of us tried to call each other back. I spent the evening watching TV by myself and moping around my empty house because it was raining and I was hoping to spend a romantic evening listening to acid rain fall onto the polluted streets of LA.

I think I'm having dinner with him on Friday... and we should talk. I like how cute he is, how he knows good food, how he loves the beach, how he's honest... but if I can't communicate, if I can't reach him, it doesnt work. Just like LA... there are so many cool places and things to do, but it doesnt matter because the traffic is so bad and there's no parking.

Then I hopped online and started to chat with Crazy Religious boy.. who I will now call.. Crazy Jesus Lover....


The Crazy
I've been chatting with Crazy Jesus Lover online and he is oddly flirtatious and flatters me so much and I just eat it all up as if I was at a Vegas buffet. I also talk to him on the phone at 10PM because the guy above TURNS OFF HIS PHONE AT THAT TIME! ARG!

Okay this is the crazy part...

In the middle of our chat he asks me, get this, "would you like me to pray for you?.... I don't know if you believe in God or not, but if you have anything on your mind, I'll do a little prayer."

WTF WTF WTF?!?!?!?! I fell off my seat, I couldn't come up with anything witty, so I just sat their with my mouth open until he changed the subject.

THEN... Get this.. he says, "Want to see a picture of my ex?!"

WTF WTF WTF!?!?!?!? He sends a picture, and it's of this fairly attractive scruffy white dude. I don't get what he's getting at. I think he's crazy. Crazy Koreans.

The next day I asked him why he send me a picture of his ex and he responds, "because he's a Gemini."


Don't get me wrong, God is great, but I don't think normal folks (gay folks) are so forward with their religious intentions.

I'm done... and this where I find myself contacting people I've previously dated, like Jimmy and James. Sigh.

I miss you guys, I miss bay area boys, you're not insane.

Or maybe it's me, I seem to have "dating A.D.D."


dannie said...

oh lord, you have some crazies on your plate.

Alex C. said...

Girrrlll, you called him 7 times trying to get a hold of him?

I completely agree with you on the God and Ex part. That boy is crazy!