Thursday, October 15, 2009

Couch Surfers

My roommate loves to host strangers at our place using I think it's because he was once a couch surfer himself and appreciates the human interaction. In either case, people come in and out of our house pretty often.

My other roommates and I advised him to screen the people he lets into our house after one of them made "harmless" sexual advances at us.

My roommate informed us that he's gonna host a couple from Montreal who supposedly hitched hiked their way to California with no job or apartment.

Upon arrival, they seems nice.. smelled like homelessness, but no red flags appeared until the guy removed his shoe to expose a prosthetic leg. "Oh God. What's going on?!"

The other roommates and I were gossiping around the crevasses of the already full house that contained three roommates and two guests.. so that makes 8 people in the house and one bathroom. But we make it work.

I hid my laptop and went on my way to work the next day. When I came home my roommate told me a funny story:

I was walking upstairs into my room [where the couple was staying] and found the girl straddling the guy... they were completely clothed. I cleared my throat and said, "umm ummm.. do you want coffee? " Once they saw me, the girl quickly jumped off, embarrassed and said, "he made me do it!!"

They asked to stay one more night, but my roommate (appropriately) kindly refused. BUT he already has another guy lined up... this one being gay and 23... sounds like trouble.

I just wish I had a lock on my door instead of a staircase.

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Alex C. said...

Your roommate is crazy! Be careful!