Saturday, October 24, 2009

Chivalry is Dead, But youre still Kind of Cute.

Crazy Jesus Lover invited me to some head honcho in Ad vertising's birthday party in WeHo. When I arrived, he greeted me with such warmth.

Crazy Jesus Lover.. I'm going to change to Crazy Aquarius because his love for zodiac was louder than his love for Jesus. When he met my friends, he immediately asked for their birthdays.

Crazy Aquarius was so attentive to me, touchy, massage and suffocating. He was the opposite from the guy I had been seeing and it was a breath of fresh air. The guy that I have been seeing reserves affection for the bedroom.

Though very sweet, he was over the top. Saying things like, "as long as you're happy, I would give the world to you, your friends are lucky to have you, you're such a wonderful person.. yadda yadda.." it was endless. It was nice, but it was too much.

When I described him to Sandy, Sandy sighed and smiled... "CHIVALRY!?! He's sooo sweet." I guess so.

He took me to a bar and got me all liquored up. JK. He actually got me shrimp cocktail and tuna tar tar.. when I just wanted fries.
He also insisted that I walk first into doorways and gave hugs for longer than comfortable.

I like his laugh and he's really easy to talk to and he's available into the night. His attention is extreme, but it was nice. I just wish I can take Crazy Aquarius and the guy I've been dating and smash them together.

What do they have in common though? They both love food.

Food is the quickest way to keep me interested apparently.


When I told my friends about Crazy Aquarius, they asked if I told that guy I was dating. I didn't think I needed to since I already talked to the guy I've been dating about keeping it casual. I guess the problem is.. what does "keeping it casual" mean?

My definition:
It means nonexclusive dating. All the fun without the worry. Is this not a universal definition?
I'm not looking for love. I'm looking for food. NOM NOM NOM.


Carl's Cup of Chai said...

You are in no ways obligated to tell him anything about your dating status unless you were in a relationship or exclusive.

Keeping it casual to me means you're not looking for a relationship now or that hey, you're not good enough to be my boyfriend but I wanna hang out so you can still buy me dinner.

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