Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Car On Fire

Sandy called me, "dude, there's a car on fire in front of your house.. there are firemen"

I called Sam immediately after to check up on him, "hey, where are you? there's a car on fire in front of our house"
"Yeah... that's my car." Sam replied.

Apparently there was a leak. He was driving it, there was smoke so he parked then it proceeded to catch on fire. Sam didn't know what to do and ran around like a gay boy whose car was on fire... hmm. yeah.

I missed the action, but the photos above are from the day after. The front of our house smells like burning.

I hope Sam buys a scooter!


dannie said...

wow that really sucks

Gauss Jordan said...

Oh No! I'm going to put a fire extinguisher in my trunk this weekend... can't imagine what must've caused that.