Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Buttons! Push push push.

As I chant to myself, "don't be dramatic" I find that others around me are sometimes sensitive to my harmless jokes. I guess there are particular moments when we look into things too much. I guess everyone has their buttons, but it's interesting because sometimes it's not WHAT you say, but rather who says it.

An old friend of mine confronted me about innocent comments I made about her. She admitted, "if it had been anyone else, I would have disregarded it, but it was from you."

And what does that really me? "From me?" Because my opinion of her is something that matters? Because of my tendency to broadcast my thoughts all over the web? Ironically, I find her sarcasm brash and offensive at times, but I understand her... I think she's still trying to figure out me.

I guess, I'm more careless with my benign jokes than people care for.

But we should all learn not to obsess and over think. Let's just do dinner instead.

Nom nom nom


My buttons used to be.. being called a slut, comments on my skin and being talked down to. I found that these buttons don't trigger much anymore because SHIIET, on Halloween, I'm gonna be the sluttiest Giraffe in WeHo or as classy people like to call it, "the strip." I just lasered all my acne off and... talking down to me makes me laugh.

har har har. (Unless it's from people I respect, then I'll start crying... once again it was who said it.)

I guess, that's what it means to grow a thick skin. But that's what I say now. I wonder what new buttons will be manifested as I reach my midder twenties.


Such a sad emo little Mario obsessing about what people think of him..... awww. Thanks CARL!


Luuworld said...

you should grow a mustache! looks hot in a cute, quirky way :)

dannie said...

asians and moustaches never seem to work for me that is. i just think of asian fathers =X

Carl's Cup of Chai said...

I've always thought that if you get hurt/offended, it's because you think that of yourself in some way. It's like having a hookup, sometimes you don't want to tell people about it because you don't want to get judged. But if you own up to it and realize that hey, you haven't had sex in 10 months and you've forgotten what it feels like and you're being consciously safe about it? Why would you? It's all about how you view yourself.

I've always been a believer that you're the only one who can make yourself feel that way. Things like fears or awkwardness. It's all a figment of your own mind.

And you're welcome <3