Sunday, July 19, 2009

Something with substance... and parking

I'm couch surfing with friends until I can finalize a place to live in August.
I moved out of Glitzy West Hollywood and into Calmer Echo Park... and I feel like this is more for me.

I prefer to live near poverty than next to a huge mall where parking is 5 dollars even with validation. I prefer to be surrounded by folks of all shapes and colors over feeling inadequate next to rhythmless carbon copies of lean muscle and impatient sharp attitudes... their modelesk faces don't exude life experiences. But of course, I have to get my one month fix of WeHo because a little plastic keeps the heart from becoming too raw.

I learned about gentrification and it makes me sad for the Spanish community because all of its rich culture is being devoured by people who want to transform it into something completely different.

Ernesto gave me a great tour of his neighborhood... showed me a lake, a book store and his favorite ethnic restaurants. I fell in love.

Brazilian Coffee shop around the corner with wi-fi and hipster DJ:

After recovering from his birthday hangover Ernesto showed me how shop for hipster clothing.

Oh! Expensive ugly clothing made to look OLD and handmade! I get it!

This is the place where I will be staying for a week or two: lots of parking, and a patio to sit and people watch... and Cholo neighbors leaning side to side.

Rich Spanish culture vs. commodification of Spanish culture

OO.. look at what they sell at the Time Travel Mart:

In the back of the Mart is a free well known tutoring center-

The parking signs of a city are hilarious, please decipher theses:

I can use that Cheese recipe book JV bought me:


While hanging out with Ernesto, I learned about "gay face" which is basically possessing a face that innately looks gay. We were going through my facebook friends and Ernesto and Mike would say, "he has gay face... no, that's straight face... etc." I guess it's like "gay voice."

Work tomorrow! But I still need to post about the "trashiest club" (great music, vicious women) in Pasadena and lounging in a kiddie pool during this LA heat wave.

I hope the 7 mile drive west isn't that much different from my 3 mile drive south from WeHo. *Anxious*


Luuworld said...

i like to live near "bad" areas as well. usually, it turns out the places aren't so bad after all, they've just got a bad reputation. plus people tend to be cooler there, as opposed to all plastic and stuck up.

haha- "gay face" that made me laugh out loud. i believe there is such a thing, i do! never thought about it till now, though! lol

dannie said...

lol i love that term "gay face" i've used it a few times. hmm...if you want to go for the hipster raggedy look of clothes. just go to the recycled store and practice making them look worn out...or just wash it several times :] cheap, affordable and fun.