Friday, July 10, 2009

Pride 2009 Part II

After a cute Mexican Brunch in no deadville Concord, Jimmy and I headed to pride. I put on my SECOND gayest shirt which was a gift from CARL! YAY! It was a Big Gay Ice Cream Truck T-shirt from New York! It couldn't have been more perfect!

I had three goals: 1. visit the Asian stage which is located at the back of the bus ... or at the farthermost corner of the festival, to give my Dragon Kisses and Hellos. 2. Nap on the ground with Jimmy like a local, 3. See Boa.

Heh heh. Farmer Joe and Crazy Szeto...
Sick and Grumpy MoAny stayed home.

Then Boa... she came on really late, and the wait was painful. I was complaining, "GOSH, all these tall people in front." And the 6'2 guy in front of me turns around and I say. "HELL... O"

LOL. It was a had-to-be-there.

This picture is from Charles who got back stage passes! BoA was cute and fobby and I was surprised that so many people were there to see her. After Beyonce's siter, Solange, performed a horde of black people left the front area and all the 5'6 Asians pushed forward. It was... hilarious!


Oh Pride. Once again, I experienced it sober. Ok, maybe next year I will drink up!
I also saw fellow blogger, TiggahTigz!!! But I felt weird approaching him =X!

It's like, hi! I read your blog, I've seen your goods. Awkward!

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Best Fiction said...

You got to see BoA! Ahh, I'm jealous. I wish Chicago had more of her target audience. I'm all about supporting Asian artists in the US!