Friday, July 24, 2009

People Who Like to DO Things.

Ernesto invited me to go his modern dance class. Like most, I was hesitant, but then I HATE regretting things so I agreed. (Ernesto was surprised at my "open mindedness" - this is important to me). The studio was cute and lit with small lights lining the trim. The class before was an intermediate Jazz class. The Asian guy in the back was breathtaking and was arguably the best in the class. The control of his body, the clean movements and of course a great smile to match.

We made eye contact to acknowledge each other’s homosexuality.

The Modern class was taught by this women who spent the majority of the time stretching us and finding our center to some soothing music. I was impressed that I could maintain a pointed toe. She used ballet terms that were unfamiliar to me: Demi plié etc. But I was able to follow along because I was in the front (which is the best place to learn.)

I embarrassed myself during the core exercises when I couldn’t achieve a V, I think I made a U. while making I’m-falling sounds. The teacher allieviated my embarrassment when she said, “just go where it feels comfortable.”

She eventually taught some choreography and I found myself doing slow powerful movements, creating (ugly) lines and really embracing emotion through dance. Head rolls, reaches, on your tip toes, run, dramatic drop, contract your muscles. One of the moves required me to curl into the fetal position on my side and then stretch out. This was where I felt a lot of my energy from my life released onto the wooden floor.

I felt comfortable and confident. I felt Happy.
This is the song we danced to, check it out:

After the Modern Dance class, I went to Tiger Heat with Jon to see the Paradiso Girls perform live. (Petron Teqilia, me and my mamacita!) The building was in an old theatre and reminded me a lot of FUZ. I pictured Tiger Heat to be dominated by white shirtless muscle guys (like Fresh in San Francisco at Ruby Skye), but there was a lot of color, twinks and hip hop music which I loved of course.

I have decided that (West) Hollywood are stressful places. At night there is always parking in SF, but you WILL get a ticket because of street cleaning those tricky bastards. In LA, they are more frank: “NO PARKING 8PM – 3AM” It was impossible, until you drove a little deeper and more strategically. Not worth it in my book. The Paradiso Girls put on a good show and I found myself reserved because Tiger Heat was 18+ and that’s no good. The good music at gay places are 18+, DOSHITE!!!!!??? But it’s another check on my list. [Check]


This passed Wednesday, I went to an Elbow concert at the Wiltern in Korea Town (which is more like Korea financial district/good food and residence). The building was made of stone and was sturdy beyond belief. During the work week I get tired and Elbow reminded me of Phil Collins. Great show, but I was quickly put to sleep. I was thankful to be in good company and to check out an awesome venue. [Check]

Before the concert I had great Korean Chicken at KyoChon Chicken and they had my favorite Korean dish!!! Duk Bok Gi!

Sandy doesn't have a car in LA, she makes it work!


This Sunday Ernesto is going to go a Grace Jones and Of Montreal Concert. Not being able to find someone to go with him did not stop him from buying tickets. I’m considering going with him, but I really need to save.

Eventually I want to check out this Middle Eastern Gay club called Club Nur where I can finally show off my offensive dance moves that I learned off Bollywood (that’s Indian, I know it’s a joke) while dancing up on some hairy man. Click the link to see them stroke their Hookah. (NSFW)… well, it’s Yelp so it’s not too bad. There’s a roller rink in my neighborhood and a gay hipster bar- I hope they play synthesized music, I love that stuff too! And then Cinespia- movie screenings in the Hollywood Cemetery!

Tonight is Friday and I have no plans. Going out on the weekends is stressful in LA; unless you roll deep with the parking fees. So I plan on sitting at my neighborhood Tribal Café listening to its amateur DJ and pretending to be a hipster. Where is my headband?
I like it here.

[Please check back, I’m going to add pictures to this entry.]


dannie said...

oh wow! i don't think i can do a V

Gauss Jordan said...

Huh. And I felt like I had a busy week because I hit up six different bars Tuesday -> Friday night...