Thursday, July 9, 2009

An overdue Blog about Pride PART I

Pride stuff. After my interview on Friday, I flew up to SF and went to PRIDE. I've gone like 6 times and I was content on bringing a blanket and baking in the sun with Jimmy. I call it- experiencing pride as a local.

I put on my gayest shirt and headed to my old roommate Sig's BBQ! He ALWAYS invites me to his shindigs, and finally I was able to go! I handed him old mail from 2006!

Sig's luscious bubble butt black boyfriend, Eric knows how to BBQ!

LooK! Berkeley GAYS! I miss you guys! Jimmy is cute.


So continuing Pride as a local, we went to a coffee shop and chilled. Low stress.

Charles wanted us to look Fierce, I miss heard and did FART.

Time for PINK Party. It was amazing this year. Bigger, large stages and a disco ball as big as my house hanging from a crane. Ooo, look! White Gays!

Carl was trying to teach me how to tyra my pictures, but.. I give up. I just look tranny.

So this drunk kid comes up to me and says that Jimmy and I make a cute couple and then he proceeds to tell us how he was dissed by his friends because they told him he was a two out of ten. He then said, "I look at myself in the mirror everyday. I KNOW I'M CUTE! Don't you think I'm cute?"

Ugh, I was so disgusted. But even more disgusted at myself, because he WAS cute. Ugh. I hate people who masturbate to themselves.

I lost 5 million calories hiking this San Francisco hill. This ends part I.


hellogenation said...

Does this mean you hate yourself? (In reference to who you hate remark). =P

letopho said...

i'm definitely disgusted at myself!