Monday, July 13, 2009


Within 2 days, LA has grown on me. Though it took 20 minutes to drive up the coastal highway, it was well worth it! Will Rogers beach just north of Santa Monica is empty and relaxing and full of people with abs. God.

I stole a boogie board outside the studio I was staying at and used it drag Alysia along the waves like a kite... until she got sea sick.

We had a good time being goofy. Jon was incredibly ticklish with the spray on sunblock!

I can see myself going here weekly.


Joe's GPS is my NEW best friend!! I was able to explore and familiarize myself. I was getting a sensory overload with everything there is to see.


My first day at work was amazing, despite being electrocuted by my laptop adapter twice the night before. Took 20 minutes to get to work. The staff is young and lively and well put together. And the industry is fun and rewarding.


I feel like the people of LA are trying to get rid of the stigma. Some cars let me into their lane, folks were polite. Everyone is trying to make it a better place.

In fact, Trinh spontaneously sent me a list of recommendations:

Okay Chris!

You have to check these places out while you're there! I spent 4 years in LA for college, so I know a thing or two about where to eat. =) I'm sure you'll find many more while you're there, and then you'll have to tell me about them! Enjoy LA.. I miss it! And I miss YOU!

Top 5:
Din Tai Fung (Chinese) @ Arcadia
BCD tofuhouse (Korean) @ Ktown
Suehiro (Japanese) @ Little Tokyo
Don Antonio's (Mexican) @ West LA
Versailles (Cuban) @ Palms

Honorable Mentions:
Pink's Hot Dogs (American) @ Melrose / La Brea
Curry House (Sawtelle) @ Sawtelle
C & O's (Italian) @ Marina del Rey
King's Hawaiian @ Torrance
Sunnin (Lebanese) @ Westwood
Native Foods (Vegetarian) @ Westwood
Cafe 50's (breakfast/diner/50s theme) @ Santa Monica
Manna (Korean.. all you can eat BBQ) @ Ktown
there's really good Pilipino food in Ptown too.. I forget the name of the placebut it's buffet!

Cheap (but good!) Eats: (all conveniently located in Westwood haha)
Noodle Planet
In N' Out
"Buck Fifty's" (I actually don't know it's real name =P)
**these are all the college places I'd hit up when I went to UCLA

Favorite Chains:
Bubba Gump's @ Santa Monica
Benihana's @ Santa Monica
Cheesecake Factory @ Brentwood
BJ's @ Westwood
California Pizza Kitchen @ Westwood / Santa Monica

the Donut Man @ Glendora (kinda far)
Angelato Cafe @ Santa Monica
Crepes To Go (aka the Crepe Nazi) @ Sawtelle
Beard Papa's Cream Puffs @ Sawtelle
Diddy Riese @ Westwood
Cafe Elysee @ Westwood
**Pinkberry and all the yogurt places are new, so I never got to enjoy them while I was there

LA takes awhile to grow on you, but you'll learn to love it! =)

♥ Trinh


I already have a list of things to check out! Goodness!

And with the free food at the office, I am gonna be a fattie


mich said...

beverly soon tofu is gooood too!

dannie said...

i love diddy riese's!!