Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Brain is Going to Explode with Overstimulation & Thoughts

LA has pockets of Cultures. Thai Town, Jewish Community, Little Armenia... I want to discover them all... and it helps that I have scattered friends from High school, Middle school, NSU, VSA, even Key Club willing to reconnect with me and show me their specialties of LA. I've been collecting business cards up the wazoooo!

I find myself taking at least 50 photos a day and realizing that I don't have that photographic eye that would allow me to frame pictures artistically. (I should stop taking pictures of downtown while driving!)

I've been sharing Ernesto's room and I'm trying to be as flexible as possible since I am invading his space. "I lived in a coop (Cooperative housing at Berkeley) Chris, I know how it is to share space." I was thankful because most wouldn't be so willing to give up so much privacy. For me, the only privacy I need is in the bathroom.

While driving, Ernesto saw a random set of stairs on a steep mountain and asked me if i wanted to climb it one day just to see where it goes. I got so thrilled I nearly spilled something. You mean, you're interested in doing something OTHER than staying home or going to West Hollywood? I am so lucky to have reconnected with him.

The Best Thing to Do
I haven't nor am I interested in finding a boy. And Jimmy wanted to visit me sometime soon. I quickly thought of James and how he cut communication with me because it was the best thing to do. I told Jimmy that he could visit me if he wanted, I would like to see him, but I wanted him to know that I wouldn't travel to bay to visit him. I wouldn't. I said the same thing to Joe, Szeto, MoaNy, the same thing to my mom and dad. I am trying to be some where else and returning home so often, to somewhere comfortable, would ruin what I am trying to achieve: independence.

So I told Jimmy that maybe we should hold off on visiting... "I don't want you to be attached." (I hated how arrogant that sounded). And he quickly assured me that he was already trying to date other people. *Insert slanted smile.

Over stimulation

I go out on weekdays and I naturally wake up at 7am. Going to work with 4 hours of sleep is not a problem. You can sleep when you're dead, that was one of Chris's favorite sayings.

Today I was at Manhattan Beach, I watched a Documentary in Echo Park about the South Central Farmers and found myself in heated discourse among activists and unkempt hipsters. I'm now listening to live music at a wonderful family owned coffee shop sipping on a orange pineapple margarita.

Yesterday I went to Thai Town and went to an award winning Thai Restaurant (Jitlada) with a friend who was stranded and needed a ride to his car. Apparently he got so drunk he Cabbed himself home, but his car was at his friend's place.

I discovered that I am grossed about by people/friends who put their foot on the dashboard in the car and ON TOP OF THAT pick at their toe nails... or people who gaze at the mirror and say out loud, "I'm Adorable." I hope I'm not like that... dot dot dot. Seriously.

I spent the rest of the day thinking about Michelle... blogging... morning and got my mind off of it by going to Sawtell street in Westwood where there's a lot of Asian things: karaoke, boba tea, Japanese market etc. for an hour.

The night before (Friday Night) all my Gay friends went to West Hollywood and I was thankful that I had some straight friends available to go somewhere more interesting. I had dinner with Kevin (who was actually too sick to go WeHo) at Mario's a delicious Authentic Peruvian Place in Hollywood.

I lugged my ass to San Gabriel valley to kick it with some AZNs at a Dinosaur themed Taiwanese Lounge: Jurassic!

Three words are misspelled for that one item. "Shitlings" was the best snack: Squid in Carmalized Sugar! We got 3 pitchers of beer and played this awesome dice game. The waitresses were dressed at Cavewomen: similar to my last Taiwanese adventure in San Gabriel Valley at Indian where the waitresses were dressed as Native Americans. Are there laws against this? (I'll post that on a July Recap!)

That night I found myself sleeping in my car and then on the patio because I didn't have house keys and didn't want to crash with my straight friends because they were beligerant (like I said straight ppl get all crazy when they party.. pulling out hair extensions.) and when I was let inside BOTH of my roommates had BOYS over. So I slept on the couch on the patio. But that's what it means to be flexiable.


dannie said...

i'm glad you're enjoying LA :]

Luuworld said...

your new life rules!

vjcheng said...

"Jurassic Secial" that made me lol, it's 160 million years in the making =)