Monday, July 20, 2009


Sarah texted me 4 times to go out with her because she was in town. I really appreciate it when friends go out of their way to invite me places. I headed to Pasadena for a nice house party after having a homemade steak dinner with the future roommates.

It was a nice college style party.
No more shot glass? I used a rice measuring cup!
I totally click with Sarah:

After prepartying with 6 shots of Jack Daniels, we walked to Old Town to go to Menage, a three floor straight club with stripper poles everywhere.

I'm in LA, trick.

But some folks were in Virgina apparently.

The music was so good. The DJ played ALL the songs I knew. We all sang along at the top of our lungs. I don't understand why gay clubs play such terrible high energy substanceless SHIT music. I'm sorry guys, I really hate that high energy- makes me want to clean my house in turbo speed, makes me want to do aerobics "music." Sometimes it's nice to listen to in the car when you're trying to rush somewhere. BUT- Part of the fun is KNOWING the lyrics... so that you can manipulate your dance moves to match, so that you can look at your friends and point to them and say, "PUSH IT REAL GOOD!" So that you can body roll backwards and shout... "DO the ROCKOWAY! LEAN BACK!"


The one thing about straight clubs is that straight people are dramatic to the point of violence. Gay people would just snap their fingers and say arrogantly, "bitch ain't worth my tyyyyme." Straight people would beat the shit out of you if you looked at them wrong especially girls. I've seen the hair extensions on the floor... ... crazy heteros.

One of the girls I went with got socked in the face because of shit talking or whatever. Stupid straight people. That killed my buzz.


The morning after I headed to a Dumpling place in Arcadia! Din Tai Fung, I think it's pretty popular.

The host called my group and Alysia and Sandy weren't there yet.
SO I said, "they're parking."
The host looked at my with her cute Asian American face and responded, "Are they really parking because some people lie."
I looked at her and smiled, "Yeah, I lied..... they'll be her in 10 minutes."
Not even slightly amused she said, "sure, don't worry, there are lots of tables opening up."

Silly me.

MMmmmMm. Desserts and... Donut Peaches, Strange

Alysia told me about this trashy club that she always sees in Old Town. She says there are dudes trying to get her and her friend to go in and she would quickly refuse. I told her I went to Menage last night and she exclaimed, "THATS THE ONE!"

Well, I guess, I enjoy trashy clubs (with frequent brawls), BUT I also like swimming in a kiddie pool with Alysia:

So freaking hot.

Alysia's backyard in 2000:

Alysia's backyard in 2009:

I hold on tight to my friends. Live like kids, worry about grown up things later.


Alex C. said...

I can eat Din Tai Fung 24/7. YUM!

dannie said...

looks like you're building your network pretty well.

vjcheng said...

I live by this quote, "All grown-ups were once children—although few of them remember it." Antoine de Saint-ExupĂ©ry

congratulations on the job =)

Will said...

lol it's "mazel tov". you clearly have never lived in New York ><