Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Living in LA Takes Skill

I don't know if I have become more "LA" during these passed 3 days.
I do wear sunglasses more.


Being in a new place I don't care what people think, (EVEN MORE). I walked around my neighborhood in a wifebeater with my gut hanging out because I was LAZY!

Bums bums bums everywhere. I found a parallel parking spot, but then. there was bum sleeping on the patch of grass next to it. I dont think he would have liked it if i back up my truck into him.

GPS says: "Stay right, then bare left. Stay left, then bare left. Slight Right, Stay Right. Exit on Left, you missed your exit dipshit. Exit right in 200 yards. You missed it again, just hail a cab you numbskull." I was sweating bullets.

I've gotten confused a couple of times especially in the downtown highway network. But driving hasn't been too painful. I might be innately an "LA driver!"


I am using Facebook to expand my network. It took me a couple of minutes to figure it out.
Friends -> Browse -> Region -> Los Angeles

I have 35 "friends" in the area... lets see if we can become friends rather than "friends."
Expanding to the O.C, I know 4 interesting folks.

Let's explore!

My coworkers are fun and young, but it's gonna take some time to develop the new relationships. The office is very diverse, I think most ethnicities are covered!

I've attended multiple meetings with our partners. Meetings that include food. Compared to our partner representatives, my team looks like a group of children pretending to be adults. But the dialogue is fluid, mature, comprehensive. At times, we sounds more eloquent than our middle aged representatives. Ad vertising is a very young industry.

I'm going to buy this 5ft inflatable giraffe for my cube.


With this job I have goals: iPhone in December when my phone runs out and new car for my 25th birthday. Some thing sleek and sexy and gas efficient.


The houses that I've checked out are gorgeous but the rent is substantially lower because of the neighborhood. I will be investing in a bat and a case of pepper spray. In my past entry I expressed that WeHo is a bit too over the top for me. I think I prefer the slums, they seem a bit more real. All I need a cute Crema-like coffee shop to call my own and a couple of friends that will meet me there.

Great, one of the guys bailed. 3 bedroom?

After work
I've decided to fill my week nights with activities. LA is gorgeous at night!

Monday: Shopping at Beverly Center. Parking is NOT free. Lame. I guess that keeps the high school kids from coming and just cruising.

Tuesday: Sandy invited me to have home made shrimp pasta and watch Harry Potter at the Grove. I love snogging! And Hermione is HOT!

Wednesday: Sam invited me to the Asian Pacific AIDS Intervention Team Social where I met some nonprofit gay asians. Oo, the guy below can really sing! and I ran into Julie!

The guy I found most attractive there was straight. And look at Sam make that Fuck-me Face. Little Tokyo was more posh than I remembered it! It's a great downtown neighborhood!

This woman by the restroom asked me for an odd favor. "I'm on a terrible blind date and I'm incredibly sober, could you buy me a shot?" Her story was a legit or maybe it was a dare, either way I offered her advice instead. "Just be straight forward, you can do it!" That encouragement seemed convincing enough and she went her way.

Thursday: Some NSU folks from my generation (Brady and Cheri) randomly contacted me to have dinner with them in San Gabriel Valley! 40 Minutes away? That's nothing in LA.

Friday: Gonna drink the night away in West Hollywood.

I never turn down an invitation to do something!! That's the dumbest thing you can do if you're so bored with yourself.


Adult Issues
I got pulled over for talking on my phone while driving. I left my headset at home. The officer was very nice and we even made small talk. That didn't stop him from giving me a situation. I hope I don't have to deal with increased insurance (that I pay for) and added fees because of my poor driving record.

So it does happen: GO HANDS FREE. ARG!


To do (after finding a permanent place to live)
- get a gym routine in & p90x. OMG Check out Doug's results. SHIT!
- establish consistent hang out friends
- find a coffee shop.
- reconnect with Cyrus, Steve, Jon and Virginia, others who all live down here and have contacted me! :]
- concentrate on work... there is so much jargon, functions and tedious algorithms to learn.
appreciate this sensation of growth and happiness.
(Or rather this is an on going thing.)


Anonymous said...

2 other people I know are also shifting to LA! What is it with LA and gay guys?

dannie said...

p 90x is no joke. the ab ripper is seriously ripping your abs ahh!!

Will said...

I am trained to hate LA by nature of growing up in Norcal and living in New York now.

But the biggest barrier to me living there or even visiting really is the mandated driving. I am your stereotypical bad asian drive, as I really have never done it much at all.