Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Leaving Saturday

Things are coming together.

I just visited my grandpa and it was the longest conversation I've ever had with him. He's deaf and I'm thankful my Vietnamese is fair enough for him to comprehend while I'm yelling.

He was happy to see me and I wondered why I didn't spend time with him while I was here.


As I'm gradually packing, I really AM starting a new chapter. No photo albums are coming with me. Nothing sentimental. Just clothes, office stuff and cook books.

I'm moving into a house full of gays. Gays that are known to be dramatic. I am SO fucking excited. It's gonna be the best MTV pseudo reality show ever!


July 8 - Errands. Lunch with Arther, Dinner with Damien at this Indian place that he's been talking about for ages. Then SYTYCD with MoaNy
July 9 - Beach, Dinner with Mom & Dad, XCIX come play
July 10 - Alone time. Visit me if you would like! I should go to Dragon. LOL LOL! What a terrible idea.
July 11 - Pho breakfast with Huan for his bday and LA drive begins.

I was able to squeeze in an extra Day!.

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