Monday, July 27, 2009

Just... A Posession

So, I lost my camera. Somewhere between the Documentary and Home, I dropped it. I lost pictures from Manhattan Beach and Shawtel Boba with Andy.

But that's okay. I think of it as an opportunity to upgrade. Right now I have my eye on the Canon SD780 IS. Super slim, super sexy. I'd rather buy a new camera than laptop. Though, I miss my Canon SD1000 we've been through a lot.



I'm feeling Clazziquai's 4th Album, Mucho Punk. Thanks for giving me the 411 Thwany. Clazziquai is a mixture of Classical and Jazz, combining funky beats they create a musical sensation that really feels good. I love driving home to this stuff. The first song that I heard, Come To Me still gives me chills.


thwany said...

no prob bob.

Alphabetical said...

Bummer about the cam but I have a couple friends who have the Canon you're looking at and it is SO NICE. If I had to buy a camera, I'd buy that one in a heartbeat.

Alex C. said...

Girrrllll, my camera is currently having some issues. I want to get it fixed but don't know what to do with myself while it's gone. Not having a camera is so devastating!