Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm Just a City Boy

I'm thinking of spending my mid twenties here:

And then my late twenties here:

Sounds like a plan.

(Stole this from a Filipino Tumblrer: http://orkposters.com/ for other cities.)


My camera turned up! Woot! and Darn! because I was looking forward to upgrading.


matt said...

i just bought those posters for my apartmen last weekt! =D

dannie said...

interesting posters...maybe it wasnt time for an upgrade

thwany said...

i also thought i lost my ipod this past weekend and had already accepted the fact that it was gone when it magically turned up in my bag. woohoo on us actually not losing our shit.

Tofu said...

i lost my cell phone twice in 3 weeks. luckily people in japan are nice enough to drop things off at the lost & found.