Saturday, July 18, 2009

I Met a Boy Last Night at West Hollywood...

...and he was so fucking needy and whiney, I wanted to shoot myself.

"You're not going let me wait in line by yourself are you?"
"You're going to walk me out right?"

You're an adult, gawd!

But really he wasn't. I felt like I was surrounded by 19 year olds. (Rage is 18+) Hah hah, yeah just my type right Joe, MoNy, Szeto? NO! I'm done with children!

I feel like a large number of the gay population grow up at a very slow rate. Their concept of a mature relationship doesn't develop until they make a shitload of mistakes and even then they don't learn. Their sense of acting on animal instinct: seeking sex, declaring needs, desiring immediate gratification etc has yet to be filtered by what is and is not appropriate. Their PARTY phase is extensive. And for me, I obviously haven't grasp the idea of what it means to work.

Even with 3 shots and a margarita in my system, I didn't find comfort that I usually do. I didn't know anyone and the people I did know were preoccupied with their own well established cliches... or eating face. So I wandered the streets observing people.

Nameless faces:

Except Jason! And my new... JOKER Face.

Nice folks


I'm falling in love with LA, but I'm hating the gay scene as I mention in my passed WeHo blog entry. I think in LA, I am disconnected to the scene, but in actuality it is better because all I have been doing is gay things.

I miss Bay Area gays, my boys and Crema: the coffee shop that we have been recently congregating at for the passed two months before I moved.

The excitement of being in a new place is going to die down next week when I move to somewhere further from the office, when I stop getting invitations from reconnected friends, when I have no one to talk to...and this is why I need to live with a someone. Thanks everyone for calling me, texting me and IMing me. I miss you guys.


mikenguyen84 said...

i miss you.

and yeah, my thoughts exactly when i went to rage. very overrated.

does it remind you of something up here? hmmmm. three letters. rhymes with muse.

be safe, and focus on why you're there in the first place. good luck, and i hope to see you soon friend. <3

dannie said...

i miss youuu!! don't let the gay scene get you down. you're their to work everything will come around eventually :]

Rob said...

There's nothing worse than high maintenance / needy guys who demand it!

Luuworld said...

needy people, not just boys are horrible.

Pete said...

"Their concept of a mature relationship doesn't develop until they make a shitload of mistakes and even then they don't learn."

Can't agree more there. The idea of mature relationship is nonexistent in the gay community. Love your blog n pics here in Penang, Malaysia