Sunday, July 12, 2009

Giving LA a Chance

After thinking about it, I realized that I may be approaching LA with a closed mind.
I've only been here to visit on road trips and family ventures about 6 times previously and each time I hated it.

I've heard from a couple of folks that LA has it's own charm and substance hidden in various neighborhoods. They say that I'm going to "LOVE LA" despite how different it is from the bay.

I guess, I just need to adjust and find a subculture that matches me. West Hollywood isn't that... West Hollywood is just a place to visit once a month. I need to take deep breaths and move at my own pace and slowly adjust my lifestyle.

According to Alex, "Its true beauty is the hole-in-the-wall pastrami place, the dive bars with the strongest drinks and the countless taco trucks and dirty dogs out at 2am." My mission is to make LA my temporary home and find these pleasantries that aren't consumed with illuminated decor or unspeakable poverty.

Yesterday, I was overstimulated. Cars EVERYWHERE. People in a hurry. Lights. I was disoriented, lost. Driving was like playing a video game. I was shocked at how skillful I was driving down Santa Monica- avoiding buses AND left turning cars! I felt like a country boy who just stepped into a strange commuter City....

I really want to say, I love LA.
But I feel like left my heart in San Jose.


My friend asked me if I cried because he usually cries when he moves to a new place. Hah. Haven't done that!


First day of work Monday. And I am homeless again on Saturday. Blah. I need to study these maps.


I wonder if they teach this at Santa Monica Beach


Alex C. said...

I felt the exact same way when I first moved to SF. You will adjust and find your sweet spot in LA. I wish you all the best in your new life.


Luuworld said...

mmm. my mouth watered just reading the words "bánh cuốn"mmmm.

good luck with your new life. hang in there!

keep calm and carry on!