Sunday, July 5, 2009

Count Down

I'm leaving Friday the 1oth.
It makes it sort of like a count down to this new chapter of my life.

July 1, 2, 3...9, ................10!!!!!!!! Lift off!

Days are hectic, I'm still looking for housing while doing as much as I can while in the bay because I'm not coming back for a while. (I'm pretty sure about this.)

Unlike MoAny who has a boyfriend and invested flight tickets, I'm actually giving good bye hugs... I'm ready to be in a new place and stay there for a while.


I need to blog about SF Gay Pride and a bay area reflection.


So many meals to be had and a couple more adventures to be squeezed in.
July 1 - Lunch with Jane, Dinner with Darnell
July 2 - Lunch with Sean Paul, Dinner & Movie with Michelle, Eunice, Dina, Service Trucklol
July 3 - River rafting with High school friends
July 4 - Epic High school clique BBQ that involved the parents and a flip cup challenge!
July 5 - iFly, Indoor Sky Diving & Clubbing with South Bay Gay friends
July 6 - Lunch with JV? Huan? Arthur?
July 7 - Facial and Dentist & Last Date with Jimmy :[ in SF at a Concert
July 8 - PACK
July 9 - PACK
July 10 - Leave

-Snacks with Damien?
-Dinner with Anhimals?
-Clubbing with Sarah L.?
-Birthday Lunch with Neil?
-Pho with Nhat?
-Dinner with Family?

THERE'S NO TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not packing socks. I have so many mismatched socks. I've been waiting for an opportunity to throw them all away and start over. Chris' Socks, my brother's, dad's, strange boys'... all mixed in.

I'm just bringing the colored socks that are easy to match!


Thank You EVERYONE for all the wishes. Dang! So much Love!
If you gay, in San Jose then Imma be at Crave tonight. Safe, local.

Went to Starbucks to get Wifi. Stupid girl barista goes, "we do have Wifi, but you have to buy a 5 dollar gift card and call a number; it's complicated, it's gay."

I looked at her judgmentally and walked out. For the rest of the day, I day dreamed about what I should have said to her:

"Did you just say gay to refer to something stupid? You should rethink your vocabulary because you might be offending people. You don't want to seem ignorant... do you?"

"Excuse me? What did you just say? I'm gay. I thought we were in the bay area in 2009 and people were intelligent."

Both involved me adjusting my v-neck and walking out the store with a fierce swagger with my messanger bag bouncing back and fourth.


mikenguyen84 said...

i'm so happy for you. you have no idea. completely ecstatic! <3

missing you will be a given. cheers to tonight. kthx.

dannie said...

good seeing you last night. at least i got to meet you a few times before you go. try and fit me into your busy schedule before you bounce yo!