Thursday, June 4, 2009


I'm reading about "hanging labias" and how some women are self conscious about it while eating cereal. I'm picturing tentacles.

I seriously thought a Vag was just a hole. OMG...

If God didn't want gays, then he would have made the Vagina less ALIEN!!!!!!


Sometimes I feel like I'm really obnoxious... after the fact.
Thanks for still being my friend :)


mich said...


dannie said...

vagina's will eat you

Will said...

Gauss Jordan said...

While on this trip I drove, since I have the nicest and most-comfortable car out of my friends. On the way over, I learned more things about the "va-jay-jay" that I EVER want to know. Even my friends were saying "Sorry G!" whenever I shuddered quietly, and tried to concentrate on the absolutely gorgeous and stunning scenery which did not involve human anatomy.

@Will: Teeth (the movie).