Friday, June 19, 2009

To Get Me Through This... Semi charmed Kind of Life.

Sports, Work, School, Sick, Vacation, Dates...

With such short notice, my friends were all sorely unavailable to go to Music in the Park with me.

I got particularly upset at a friend who WAS available, but simply had no interest in going. Keeping me company, trying to enjoy life outside the television was beyond his... vernacular. It was only until I asked again using the words, "I would really appreciate it if you kept me company" did he respond, "Okay, but only for an Hour." And maybe I am too critical of him, but he's one of those friends who I have never refused when a favor was asked. And the list of favors is comparable to Santa's US naughty list. I was hoping he would pretend to be interested in reality over reality tv for once and that just hanging out with me was enough to have a good time despite his "hectic tomorrow;" the reason behind his limited & hesitant friendship.

But I came in asking him with the premise that he would say no... it's a pattern.


Frustrated at repeated refusals and reminders that my friends were doing other things, I drove myself downtown to enjoy the Music of Third Eye Blind by myself. (Just because you don't have anyone to go with doesn't mean you should stay home!)

It was a free concert, thousands were there, beer was served. San Jose is thrilling, people who are bored need to look harder... or call me. I'll show you a good time.

I pushed myself through the crowd and found a spot where I could sing along to the lyrics, close my eyes and inhale the second hand weed that was blown into my face from 6 directions, and think about high school. I loved high school.

My friend from Middle school burned me a copy of their album and I loved it. "I wish you would step back from that ledge, my friend... " I knew a lot of the lyrics. I text that friend: "I'm at a Third Eye Blind concert... I wish you were here."

Behind me was a group of kids a little younger than me sitting on mats, drinking their 6 dollar beer and snacking on junk they brought while people's asses brushed the back of their heads trying to get a better view of the stage. This drunk guy knocked his way to me while carrying his girlfriend on his shoulders; exposing her thong. "It's okay honey! Concentrate on not falling!" The crowd behind her took pictures of her goods while supporting her.


After three songs, I was tired of pretending that I enjoyed being independent. I walked to the other end of the park where the crowd thinned and found a place to sit and think...

...and as if someone was listening to my thoughts, a friend from high school appeared out of no where. After a warm hug she introduced me to a friend: "This is Chris, he was my first kiss!" Oh yeah.. we were in a play together, she played my wife... I forgot that I had stolen her lips' innocence on stage.

We caught up, she told me epic stories that involved stalkers and exboyfriends. And I kept hugging her. We talked about old unmotivated high school math teachers who would just sleep in the back of class saying, "ask me if you have any questions." She told me.. they were OUR current age when they were our teachers. And it all began to make sense. Now I know what was going on in their minds as confused 20 something high school teachers. If its anything like mine, of course they were unfit to educate the "future of this country."

We shared a meal and exchanged smiles until my flu kicked in again and the sun was reach the other side of the world.

She invited me to go to Club Miami where you can find a lot of the Latin community. I can't wait to go and show off the dance moves that I learned during free salsa.

To be able to reconnect with her on that level made going by myself worth it.


I realize that being my bestfriend, my boyfriend, whatever, would be exhausting. I only expect an open mind, a willingness to explore life and cultures and try things that initially may seem disagreeable until it is realized that good company is the only thing that needs to be agreed on... I guess, that's a lot to ask for.



dannie said...

sorry to hear about your friend issues. how interesting how things work out. running into an old HS friend. it's been a while since i last saw you!

naturgesetz said...

That's a nice outcome. Good thing you didn't decide to skip it.

mikenguyen84 said...

you bitch ass whore doll!

i would've totally gone with you ... flu and all!

i LOVE LOVE LOVE 3eb. <3

Stanza said...

"they were OUR current age when they were our teachers. And it all began to make sense. Now I know what was going on in their minds as confused 20 something high school teachers"

dude - check out this film called 'Half Nelson':

which I think depicts this situation quite realistically