Friday, June 5, 2009

Something to Do on Wednesdays!

This is Joe and Szeto.


le tO Pho: come here!
sandy: to your place?
sandy: are you on house arrest or something?
le tO Pho: haha
le tO Pho: funny
sandy: seriously
sandy: are you?

wow. I guess people thought I still wanted to top last years disaster!


I helped plan Aaron's surprise birthday party. Stressful, but successful.
He's gonna have to tell his coworkers that the decoy party on Sunday isn't happening. I failed to invite them to the surprise gathering. Oops.

"where are the girls?" Aaron's mom asked me. Oops times two!
And I managed to buy a Tres Leches cake that was bit too moist. I went to a Spanish Bakery and made my order to non-English speaker. But it was strange because the English words she did know, she said perfectly.


Darnell told me about this new gay club in San Jose called Velocity at Motif on Wednesday. I used my magical gay powers and rounded up the troops! Woot.

My main concern was the dress code. THIS AINT NO STRAIGHT CLUB! I'm coming wearing a fitted T and CHUCKS, Bitch!

Thank you ThE sooo much for being the DD. Getting home safe is the best gift ever!

Yay! The boys!! Damn MoAny!! You look good!

JK. That's a cocky porn star, TJ Hawke from Falcon Studios. SOMEBODY in my group recognized him immediately. Uh HUh... Porn addict. I asked for a picture and he goes, "don't you want to wait until I go-go dance? In 45 minutes!" What a ding bag. But dude, he's got a serious weapon. The link is pornographic. Yeah, duh.

Aaron's sister provided the fuel to my good time! :D Thanks big sis! And there's Darnell! Finally, we be clubbing together!

BTW Go-go dancers are awkward.
But Aaron's straight friend who was brave enough to come out.. was mesmerized by the "dancing." Looks like we have another one for our team! YES!


Hey, what's that in the dumpsters?????!!!! Let's Zoom in!

OH! It's Aarons!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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dannie said...

omg! y'all's crazy lol lets do it again!