Thursday, June 11, 2009

San Jose Love.

There ARE things to do in San Jose.


Andre Introduced me to an Aztec Dancing class that I will be attending every Tuesday. The best Cardio of my life. Drumming and quick footwork. Please join me.

My calves still burn and I was sweating bullets!


I found a soon-to-be glass art place. They teach you how to blow glass!! I wonder if they are hiring.


On Clubbing:

it's definitely boring and does nothing to enrich our lives. we need to climb some ladder to something that is more intellectually stimulating, something that foster good memories. I don't know what it is yet. I have no memories of tonight.
Yeah... I don't think I can do this forever.... but for now. BOOTIESF this Saturday!!!

Best Mash Up Party Ever. Come with?


Some San Jose gays have been chilling at the Crema Cafe, a gay friendly place downtown, on a Daily basis. I like it because it's routine and familiar. It feels good.


Generally Speaking

Sometimes when "you don't feel like it." You should look at how LAME you are and reconsider. I would like an open minded boyfriend who will go on adventures, eat different foods and experience all cultures. Please try it once before you shut it off as impossibility.

There are times when, I "just don't feel like it." But then I look at myself and say, "well what else what I be fucking doing?" I admire those who take hold of invitations and experience life despite hesitations, fears and uncertainty.... despite lacking a companion.

Your Independence is more attractive then a set of abs.


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dannie said...

wow...looks like you're keeping busy right on.