Thursday, June 11, 2009

San Jose Hate.

I'm really pissed right now.

I was excited to find a girl partner to learn salsa with. Especially after being denied by friends who were more interested in watching television. You guys are so cool.

I was eager to dance with her as she responded to my messages about going to class. When I arrived, I didn't see her and texted her: "Where are you?" I decided to stick around. The class was once again male heavy and I was thankful that I found a friend.

15 minutes later she responded, "I'm at Music in the Park!" To this I responded, "Wait, are you coming?" I called her, she didn't pick up.

I gave her the benefit of the doubt and decided to wait 30 minutes for her to a. respond or b. show up. Nothing.

As I walked out the door and as others saw the disappointed look on my face, I received a text from her, "IDK, I'm with a friend."

Angered, I responded, "You should have told me that, I have been waiting for you. I'm going home. Thank you for showing interest."


I am unbelievably pissed right now. Do you know why?
Because: People complain about being bored about having nothing to do. When BAM there is shit to do EVERYWHERE if you FUCKING open your eyes.


And when I finally find someone who shared an interest, I WAS STOOD UP.


SO ill just be like the rest of you and watch people dance Salsa on So You Think You Can Dance instead of learning how to do it myself.

But you know what. I won't let this ruin my Salsa experience.

IF YOU Want to live life, learn something interesting, escape your computer, Please contact me. And if you stand me up, I will kick you in the balls OR punch you in the boobs. YOU FUCKER!

*end rant*


dannie said...

wow...what a great friend she is. sorry you got stood up. i'll dance salsa with you!! :]

Rob said...

That sucks ... unreliable people piss me off as well. She was actually rude as well for not letting you know she couldn't make it and come up some bs excuse ahead of time instead of letting you know she didn't give a f..k