Sunday, June 21, 2009

Quest Crew

I met Quest Crew this Friday.
Ryan signed my Jacket!

I managed to get Aaron and I in a VIP sort of area by acting like I was good friends with them. Then I got pictures and ran off. Aaron managed to have a substantial conversation. I got shy... and awkward and I hate feeling so "starstruck," especially when they're just you're everyday guys.

Aaron was all Screamy and then he composed himself when he actually interacted with them; Very smooth. The flu really stripped me of energy... I didn't expect to have such an intimate one on one with them. 15 minutes later they were called to do a meet and greet in another area and a line formed and people got limited time! I should have actually utilized my access, but gosh I felt so weird.

As I was exiting the area this white girl introduces herself to me and I was like, "hi." Then she goes, "are you a part of Quest Crew?" OMG. LOL! I should have lied.

They're so nice and chill and their performance live was way better than on TV! Hot hot hot!

I hope I didn't give any of them the flu.

They were selling photos that you could get autographed. I regret not getting one for my little brother. GAH. I need to start thinking about others.


Man, if I didn't have this interview, I would grow my hair out like Ryan's again. And BTW, I loved Ryan before America's Dance Crew and when everyone was like... who?

Psh. I'm a real fan.


Tofu said...

wait you don't have swine flu do you?! O_O''

dannie said...

wow you're like one of the boys aren't you? trickster. you're so good at getting access to things. nice haircut by the way.

a.b. said...

Super jealous!!

<3 Quest!