Tuesday, June 30, 2009

...OR WAT!?!?!?!

I can't stop laughing.
I'm looking for a dentist so that I can milk this temporary insurance that I have.

I found a Vietnamese office and told the woman that I needed to make an appointment and she said, "YOU HAV INSURANT OR WATT?!"

I responded, "hold on" and proceeded to laugh away from the phone.
"Yes, I have insurance"
"Pho Troi Oi Vietnamese Sandwich Number 2 Tila Tequila Communism?!?"
"Um... Thursday sounds great."

Aggressive San Jose Vietnamese people are hilarious.


I Got the Job. I'm moving to LA next week.


moAny said...


hellogenation said...

Enjoy the weather!!! It's a little over a hundred these days. =P

Alex C. said...


dannie said...

i'm imagining how she would sound, lol. topho is leaving :[

matt said...

Congrats!! Does that mean I have a place to crash in LA? -_-

S said...


May you have many adventures down south. Enjoy the traffic!

thwany said...

woohoo, party time!

alex b. said...

Congrats!!! Proudayoo!

Weather isn't too bad down here, but summer is just getting started.

naturgesetz said...


X said...

congrats! that's a big feat given these times!!!

Gauss Jordan said...


That reminds me of my favorite Pho place here... I get the same thing every time, and every time, the same guy yells my order back at me correctly:
"TIRTY-SEVEN, EXTRA EGG ROLL, ONE CUP SOUP BROTH!", and every time I have to ask for the extra cup of soup broth for my egg rolls.

It's so good though.

Enjoy the new job!

Luuworld said...

good news! i must have a drink in london to celebrate!

Quan said...

lol you can't blame them for trying to hustle!! straight to the point and then some!

congrats and good luck with the job LA! woots! i'm happy for you, because we're all young adults trying to find our directions in life!