Monday, June 29, 2009

June Recap - Scattered

The weather was so nice last night, I put out a blanket and laid with my dog in my front yard eating otter pops.

Damien joined me and we chatted until I fell asleep. Breathe life, talk to friends. I'll blog about pride tomorrow.

The blankets were from my Truck when I went to the Drive In theatre with Smyr and Caitlin. We snuck Caitlin in. Smyr and I pretended we were going on a date to see Up. HAHA. Couldn't keep a straight face. And our asses were sore because the blankets weren't thick enough. Up... was okay. =X. So much hype.

Anhimals is good to me- Called me out for dinner. We have created a tradition: notes to the waiter on receipts. Last time, we wrote "we both agree that you have a great ass."

My grandpa found these sunglasses for me. Totally fits my face.

I had a productive Saturday with Michelle after getting good Com Tam in ghetto East San Jose. I love this picture. I heart Michelle.

I ran into Sabrina at the Third Eye Blind concert. She showed me her ghetto car stereo. I think it has charm. You like my outfit?

JV visited me and I took him to hill behind my house. The same hill that I got my first boy kiss, the same hill that I retreated to during my DUI fiasco. Same hill that Diana rolled down by accident because she was running too fast. I loved JV's q-tip hair.

I drove deep into Concord and went on a date with Jimmy. We got fat together. Fastest way to my heart is through the chest with a stake, but food would work too.

Last time I go to Motif on Wednesday. I like that we are all wearing V-necks. I tried on a deep v-neck from American Apparel and it made me look like I had C-cup titties, not pretty.

My cousin is pretty.


Friends and family... scattered.

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mich said...

shades look good on you!

dannie said...

never do deep V's hehe. omg i went to that hill :] up was a really cute movie.

tiggahtigz said...

OTTER POPS!!!! I love em! :) Next time don't be shy and say hi!

clew said...

love for napkin notes =]