Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Intrusive Probing

The ears are definitely sensitive.

My ear is one of my erogenous zones. Do it right and I'll wake up the neighbors. With that said, why the FUCK would I ever what to insert these "hip" ear buds or "canal phones" deep into my head?

They don't stay in. I guess I'm supposed to push them in further? Uhhhh.... They make squishy sounds that I can hear with every detail and I shudder and tremble...

GOD, I just wanted to watch youtube at the cafe, not have an orgasm. WHO thought of these things?

So much... intrusive probing.


I guess if I want a lot of comments I should post more about feeling ugly and being messaged by creepers! Hehe, thanks for the love everyone!

Anhimals: "Too Legit" and I are going to North Berkeley this weekend and I think BOOTIESF! :], but you'll always be my lovah
Best Fiction: Thank you! Though I feel like I write very simply. I guess complex writing should be saved for essays. Velociraptor Rawr!
Vincent: Hehe. That Dino IS cute!
S: Still webcamming? Oh you naughty youngins'. Do you SexT too? Hope to run into on campus, that would be awkward!
Mr. HCI : YAY! Thanks for adding me! :] I feel more a part of the blog community now. =]
Gauss Jordan: At least he's honest. I hate that a lot of the "legit" guys aren't on these sites to begin with. Maybe we should just sit at bookstores, read gay literature and hope our future husbands walk up to us.
Rob : Thank you for your encouragement. It takes a while to get comfortable in your skin, and we do our best to love ourselves for who we are right? Though often we wonder how others view us.
dannie : "looks eventually disappear." then why do we work so hard at trying to make ourselves worthy of something? Eh. I guess, it's nice to feel pretty. Digging your haircut btw!
Chris: "Some of us need to evaluate our self worth via head counts." I really was sad when I only got 4 birthday wishes on my blog! LOL !!
Luuworld : I should wear ties more often then. ^.^ Thanks for the compliment!
P.Nguyen: yeah... it's a love hate relationship that Vietnamese people have for themselves!


S said...

They are not hip, they are convenient. I don't think you would want to walk around wearing giant headphones. And, yes, they do stay in if you clean your ears out and replace the silicone things regularly which nobody does...

Webcamming doesn't burn my minutes! I would sext him but I don't have unlimited.

Akward? No, it would be fun! We can take a class together!

dannie said...

i like uncut lmao! i wish i was still intact it makes me sad i'm missing something i was born with. i would only have a problem with it if they don't keep that shit clean. grosssssss

letopho said...

ham sandwich!