Thursday, June 18, 2009

I Would....

I would


I predicted that Craig from my abnormal psychology class was half Japanese half Filipino. I found it strange that he wasn't surprised that I had guessed correctly. I pointed to his mauled fingers, "chew your nails?" He nodded his head, "my ex used to too." He started to talk about Smash Brothers.

We wrote notes back and forth while the Professor talked about substance abuse.
"I need to pee." I've been drinking so much water to drown this sickness.
"What would happen if I squeezed your stomach?"

He fell asleep for 5 minutes until he woke himself up with a large twitch. "DORK" I wrote on his notes when I wanted to write, "CUTE." He smiled sheepishly and wiped the drool from the corners of his mouth.

Last month, he came into class wearing a Ringer T that said, "Find Your Way." There was a drawing of a wave around the words. I thought Chris was the only one that owned that shirt. Craig also did Track and Field.

Next week, in class, is probably the last time I'll see Craig. I'm not going to bother to ask for a number or write him a note telling him that I think he's adorable because my other 'predictions' that involve his character will probably be spot on if this freaky trend continues.

But it was nice to be entertained by his childish doodles for those 3 months of class.


dannie said...

WOW!!! how did you know he was filipino/japanese?

alex b. said...

Love it! Notes magotes!!