Monday, June 15, 2009

Comes in Red, Comes Out Red

Last year, I was like: WTF is Korean food? BBQ? Tofu Soup.. whoop dee doo!

But thanks to numerous adventures, I have discovered the savory flavors that come form this Country that brought the gays Margaret Cho.

Jong Ga House in Oakland is wonderful for one reason: BIG PORTIONS!

My favorite Korean dish: Duk Bok Gee. Apparently it's street food. But street food is the best!
Over noodles it's La Bok Gee. You need to try this. ABSOLUTELY!

Did I mention the 20 complimentary refillable sides? Cah Cah CRAZY!
Time to check out some Soju bars. Who is with me?!


mich said...

Korean food is soooo good! Ktacos are so tasty... you can make them.

dannie said...

omg that looks super good. i been craving korean food. want go sometime? lol....i dont have anyone to go with haha *sad.

hellogenation said...

wait till you learn how they cook it. i wanna see you eat it then. =P