Thursday, June 4, 2009

May Recap

May 30: My Birthday
Spent it with family!! :]
Gosh, I wish I could pull off hair like by brother.

Handmade gifts warm my heart! Thank you so much. ^.^ Best presents ever. :]

Oil painting and digital art!!!! So cool!!!

Everyone was so tired :[ or broken. =.=

OooH and MoAny made me a Sex night light. Woot!

May 23: Sarah's Grad Party
I like this I-just-farted face. And look! Anhimals, my LOVAH!

May 15- Random Trip to LA to Visit Alysia
Alysia's been asking me to visit her for a while, so I took a random trip down by myself.

The Pastor's Wife has a BMW.

Overcast Beach Party! The trick is to cross your arms over your flabby tummy.

Hiking up to see a waterfall

The water is cold apparently.

Farmer's Market Strawberries + Waffle Iron + Whipped Cream + Towel and Back yard = Amazing Breakfast.

Some Art in Old Pasadena

May 8 - May Dragon
So.. in 2008 I had a once a month Dragon quota. I think I've decided that it's going to be a once every two months quota.

Yeah... you can see the progression of my drunk night... my hair became so gross and stringy!

Look, it's Max, Mike and Emerson!

So apparently Lime is Filipino heavy on Saturday! Woot!

Visiting Charles!

May 6:
Cinco De Mayo... Hung out with Damien at SJSU and got Tacos with my Mexican friend Joe.

May 4:
On Monday's Hunters has Power Hour. It's just nice to be able to chill somewhere random during the beginning of the week.

May 1
Took a hip hop class and Korean Food in Oakland.
Our host had big jugs.

La Bok Kee? is my favorite Korean dish! Yum! If it ain't red, it ain't Korean!
Soju tastes best with lemons and with friends at 2am.


thwany said...

aw, happy belated!

and cheers to your friends who gave you hand made gifts, gold stars for them.

matt said...

nice edit at the top. ha.

dannie said...

yay for waffles and strawberries, creative gifts, and hanging with the boys.