Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Your Boyfriend should be your Best Friend

Chris (my ex) once told me that he believes that your boyfriend should be your best friend. I remember the day when he told me that he considered me his best friend, but didn't want to say it until that point. I remembered how happy I was to hear it. And I'm amused at myself and I'm sure Chris will be too that I actually remembered something substantial that he said.

It's no secret that I considered MoAny my best friend... enough that people thought that we were dating. But the day has come that he had found a new best friend... a better best friend. A boyfriend.

And though I seem to be okay and whatever about it... it makes me sad to have lost someone that I was once really close to. But I remind myself that I hurt him immensely and that distance... is the best for everyone.


I told MoAny this: "It's obvious that we are no longer each others priorities" when he was mildly upset that I wouldn't cancel my jogging to see him for dinner.

And I said this: "I'm glad to have you as a friend... even if it not a best friend" when I realized that he still cared to see me once in a while... if not everyday like before.


I agree with Chris, your boyfriend should be your best friend. But to me, your best friend doesn't have have to be your boyfriend... and you run into complications when your best friend gets a boyfriend... because boyfriends ruin everything.

...but MoAny definitely deserves to be happy. Just like anyone else.

Ugh, I miss U.

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mich said...

that's a cute picture of mony.

and boyfriends DO ruin everything!