Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Work Out - Buddy

A friend from the OC came to visit me on his bay area ritual. He drove 30 miles to pick me up at 11:00pm to take me to 24HR Fitness.

He taught me how to bulk up. "You have a nice chest, but your arms could be bigger." His arms were massive. "It has to hurt if you want to grow." I did three chest workouts, triceps and biceps until I was grunting like a man fixing his car. "See, you're bigger already." But I was busy scoping out the 11 o'clock crowd... wow. hot boys everywhere.

I invited him over for some after workout "protein shake."

I asked him if he wanted to spend the night. "Is that a good idea?" To me, it was fine. I think he was asking himself if it was a good idea.

I sort of wanted to mess around, I knew he did too. In my mind, I wanted to push him against the wall and go at it like sweaty animals who JUST came back from the gym. But I decided not to be so aggressive. I was turning myself off at how "planned" this was. Ugh. So I played it cool.

We offered each other back massages cuz we were you know... tense. And then cuddled. "I could be your cuddle buddy" PERFECT, because that's all I needed. "I like you Chris." Good lord, why!?! "Because you're you." ... This weather is definitely making gay people crazy.

We messed around a little (not platonic cuddling -.- blah I keep proving myself wrong), mutually resistant to kissing (as if it were our only hookup rule)... but he wouldn't let me fall asleep. I looked at his face... he was gazing. "Stop it... I know that look." And I began to worry.

He left at 3am. He didn't want to stay over for some reason that I couldn't figure out. Maybe because he didn't want to say hi to my parents in the morning before work.


...and on Sunday he goes back to the OC as if nothing happened.

Was I "dating" this guy? I mean we had lunch together... he's obviously interested me and I let him pursue his interests with only slight moral hesitation. In a sense was I using him? By letting him do things that he 'wanted' to do... by not stopping him?

Or was I just 'getting to know him'... 'giving him a chance' ... 'giving MYSELF a chance' to like him back?

But I'm pretty sure we're on the same page. I should be like Mr.HighEnergyMusic and text-greet him with a "GOOD MORNING GOOD FRIEND!"

"I like being a relationship... dating on the other hand, is stressful and tiresome," said one of the gays afflicted by this weather.

It's Winter... and the Gays are Cold and Crazy.


By the way, I am witness of a strange love dating triangle... and I can't help but instigate.


X said...

aww just go for it!

dannie said...

it's not just the cold weather but the holiday season too.

anhimals said...

it's not just the gays that are crazy because of the weather! don't be mean and call him a good friend! LOL


hmmm this weather is making the gays crazy. something about cold weather and wanting to cuddle and get warm from body heat...